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NOTE: This page was 'current' some time in 1997.
It's the background that led to what I've been doing since - omnimedia. See my Business Card Gallery
and part of my Trade Show Badge Collection for a quick early career tour,
and the websites below to see some of what I've been doing lately.
For those who Google me, I'm not from TX or MI, and have no police record or middle name lol.
For biographical info, see my alter ego's site. It's all true except for one lie about my Ferrari.
Links in green show stuff I've done, links in blue are for reference.

Areas Of Specialized Competence
Digital desktop video/audio/MIDI production
Interactive application systems design
Kiosk (touch screen) video information systems
Application software design & development
Programming language/script design & development
MS-DOS, and related operating systems
PC compatible hardware architecture
Print production including pre-press
Web site design including A/V
HTML & animated GIF images
Videography & analog video production
35mm photography
Excellent tutorial & communications skills
Financial mathematics and calculations
BASIC and 808x Assembly languages

Career Summary
Programming "mission-critical" software on microprocessor-based systems in banking environments since the early 70's led to a thorough understanding of PCs and their capabilities at an intimate level. Chicago Systems was originally formed and later incorporated to consult to various Silicon Valley manufacturers and provide applications to the financial community. When true-color graphics hardware was introduced in the mid 80's,   CSI's interests shifted towards the artistic side of the PC (Macs were underpowered and overpriced toys then). To this day, they remain overpriced. Limited graphical tools were available, so we had to build our own.   CSI's "AVBASIC" engine was created to provide a base for multimedia (didn't know to call it that, then)  applications ranging from touch-screen kiosks to A/V production systems.

In 1986, we created what probably is the first-ever PC-produced video on VHS See it on YouTube. Along the way, other tools became available and were embraced to the extent they made the job easier or the end result better. Photoshop was introduced in 1992 (for PC), SIX YEARS after that. Premiere 1.0 (Windows) was introduced in September, 1993, SEVEN YEARS later.

The last decades have been focused on providing print, video, internet, and interactive services and products to an ever-expanding variety of markets. CSI has long-since given way to Transgalaxy Productions.

What I Spent Thru The 1990's Doing

Showcase Music Magazine (1993-1998) - Publisher / Partner / Science Officer. Responsible for all Internet & PC-related aspects, including hardware & software selection, network installation & maintenance, communications, etc. Responsible for technical production aspects including scanning, producing color separations, and print production. Designed the cover and 4-color advertising using Photoshop & MS Publisher. Designed & laid out individual ads & pages. Videography, 35mm photography and digitizing performed as needed. Now on the Web at - someday I'll do something with that.

Currently developing HTML utilities to automate the process of multipurposing existing data, images, and digital audio up to the Internet.

Production services - CD art (see samples here), web sites, demo & music videos, promotional materials, posters, merchandise art, etc. for local & national bands/musicians including Dustin Parker, Rachel Barton ("Storming The Citadel" graphic design), Cathy Richardson, Styx, Dick Holliday, Sister Slingshot, Gena's Bouquet, Creeper, Lori Ellsworth, Dyslexic Apaches, Camel Toe,  Electric Lunatics, Pamela Bradley, Nick Tremulis, Big Back Yard, etc., etc.

Videographer for 1995 Chicago Cheetahs (Roller Hockey International franchise). Also prepared various printed materials. Designed & laid out 1995 season program,   THE CHEETAHS TALE (4-color & b/w) and (usually on a tight deadline) THE CHEET SHEET, the b/w game-by-game program. Designed, laid out & separated team posters, newspaper ads, wallet schedules, & signage.  Also produced (designed, printed (full color), and  laminated)  parking passes, team & staff IDs, luggage tags, 2000+ season tickets, etc. See samples of most of these at This was at the dawn of digital desktop publishing. Cameras, half-tone screens and analog film and presses were the norm.

Developed interactive multimedia system (Midi-Vidi) for performance artists, including real-time musical instrument keyboard control of PC-generated digital video sequences. (1991- )

Other Multimedia-Related Accomplishments

Co-founder (and software author) of Preview Digital Imaging, Inc., specializing in image retrieval systems for digital photos of real estate listings and travel applications. (St. Louis, 1992) See the Preview System featured on St. Louis' Channel 4 News (11/30/92)
Various production (& pre- & post-) responsibilities for THE FAME FACTORY (almost) TV pilot, including camera operation, videotape editing, & AVBASIC graphics design. (1991-1992)
Designed and implemented CompuAdd Corporation's training dept. video production system, incorporating PC-based digital video. (1990) See the demo I used to pitch my AVBASIC system to Compuadd.
Designed & developed AVBASIC language for interactive digital video / audio production on IBM PC compatible microcomputers. (1986- )
Designed, developed, & integrated touch-screen video systems for VISITOR VIDEO GUIDE,  St. Thomas, USVI (1986-1989) & VVG, Nassau, Bahamas (current)
Designed, developed, & integrated touch-screen video systems for trade show attendees. (1986) See demo on YouTube

Significant Other Accomplishments

Developed Installment Loan applications for VALLEY NATIONAL BANK, New Jersey (1992-1997)
Developed automated fax system (E.T. FAX) and mortgage loan calculations for customer contact & appointment reporting system for Telesales Unit, CITIBANK, Chicago. (1992)
Developed PCL-BASIC language for control and automation of HP-compatible laser printers (1992).
Developed PC-based automated reporting for Rolm phone systems at CITIBANK, Chicago, IL (1991)
Developed Paradox  loan origination reporting system for MIS Dept., CITIBANK, Chicago, IL (1990)
Hardware & systems maintenance consultant to The Goeken Group (In Flight Phone Corporation), Oakbrook, IL (1990-91)
Designed & developed ILPS loan origination system used by BANK ONE, Portsmouth, Ohio (1989)
Designed & developed DOCBASIC forms generation language as a kernel for integration into applications software systems requiring document preparation. (1987)
Designed and developed Loan-easE loan origination system marketed by Great Lakes  Business Forms,  Grand Rapids, MI (1987-1988)
Developed Annual Percentage Rate software for CITICORP SAVINGS of Illinois and California on IBM PC and mainframe systems (in FORTRAN lol) for Adjustable Rate Mortgages. (1985-1992)
Designed and developed Victor Business Products' Installment Loan Processing System. (1984)
Provided technical and training assistance for Victor to other third party software developers working with the Victor 9000. (1982-1985)
Consulting for Burroughs Corporation during development of  the B-25 microcomputer. (1985)
Beta test site for Microsoft  during development and debugging of Business BASIC. Made recommendations regarding language design and coding deficiencies. (1985-)
Beta test site for Digital Research during development and debugging of CBASIC-86. Made recommendations regarding language design and coding deficiencies. (1984)
Consulting for Bank of America on proprietary communications and data base access software. (1984)
Chicago Systems, Inc. functioned as Applications Software Division for Exidy Systems during introduction of Sorcerer II (1981-1982)
Provided technical and training assistance to Commodore Business Machines for introduction of Commodore PET and CBM (1978-1980)
National Financial Marketing Manager for Victor Business Products' line of programmable calculators. Designed & implemented marketing strategies resulting in consistently increasing sales until the Commodore PET & Tandy TRS-80 blew them away. (1977-1978)

Educational Background

Bachelor Of Arts, Psychology, Tennis Team, Chapman College/University, Orange, CA (1973,80)
World Campus Afloat, S70,F71,S72 (3 semesters circumnavigating the globe)
Piano/Theory major, American Conservatory Of Music, Chicago, IL (1966)
Mathematics/Physics major, Illinois Institute Of Technology, Chicago, IL, at age 15
Graduated University Of Chicago High School at age 14
Graduated 9th Grade at age 11
Completed 2nd Grade at age 5   NEW!  See Flipbook Version    OLD flipbook version using TurnJS

Multimedia Hardware Experience (currently or formerly installed - in 1997)

Miro DC-1 MJPEG Video Adapter, AT&T (Truevision) VDA and ICB (1986-93), Creative Labs Video Blaster, Truevision Targa+, ComputerEyes RT & other, VGA -> NTSC converters (various),  Creative Labs AWE64 Gold & the SoundBlaster family, Panasonic A/B roll SVHS video system with WJMX-50 switcher and AG-1970 decks, various scanners.

Multimedia Software Experience

Adobe Photoshop 3.0/4.0, Homesite 2.5 (became Dreamweaver), Macromedia Director, Visual Basic 4.0, GIF Construction Set, Microsoft Publisher, AVBASIC, CorelDraw, Aldus Photostyler, Adobe Premiere, Logitech FotoTouch, Ares Fontmonger, Windows Write/Paint et al., Cakewalk and Voyetra MIDI sequencers (Windows & DOS versions), proprietary HTML & A/V applications & utilities, various BASIC compilers, Microsoft Macro Assembler.

Microsoft Front Page '97 (really sucked), Truevision TIPS (Targa, ICB, VDA), Quark XPress,  Dr. Halo 2/3/4, Fractal Painter, Microtek ImageStar II, Aldus/Adobe Pagemaker, Ventura Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk Animator, Z-Soft PC Paint, WordPerfect 4/5/6, Harvard Graphics, and too many more to name.

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